Individual Custom Trading Cards — Keep Them Protected!

By: Christopher, Founder & Owner
March 7, 2017


You’ve made custom trading cards for yourself and your team. Now it’s time to store and protect your individual custom trading cards to keep them safe and looking great! Speaking from experience as a decades-long collector, protecting cards is a no-brainer. Unprotected cards can damage easily, while protected cards can last a lifetime. Not only that, protecting your cards is both easy and affordable!

You should consider a few things when you think about protecting your individual custom trading cards. How many cards do you want to protect? What level of protection do you want for your custom trading cards? How much are you willing to spend? Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to determine your protection needs.

You should also consider what can happen to your unprotected trading cards. No unprotected trading card is safe from damage. Just by simply holding your card, you subject it to oils and residue. You also risk damaging the edges and corners. It’s also very difficult to prevent accidental scratches and creases from mishandled cards. Your cards can even fade if exposed to sunlight. Don’t worry, though. We have a solution for that, too!


individual custom trading cards, trading card protection, penny sleeves, toploaders, magnetic holders, BCWPENNY SLEEVES: This simple protection device gets its nickname from how affordable it is. Otherwise known as a “soft” or “standard” sleeve, the penny sleeve is typically made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene. These sleeves are also often acid free which helps to keep the printed ink intact. Available in packs of 100, they can sometimes be found for less than 50¢ per pack. They are typically the first line of defense against damage and are often paired with other devices.

TOPLOADERS: While penny sleeves are soft, these individual custom trading card protectors are much more rigid. They also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The standard 3×4 version is perfect for our cards. Standard cards with penny sleeves fit perfectly and look great in toploaders. You can expect to pay a couple of bucks for a pack of 25.

MAGNETIC CARD HOLDERS: While the rigid material of toploaders will keep your cards plenty safe, these holders go a few steps further in protecting your individual custom trading cards. Firstly, these card holders completely encapsulate your card. The magnetic snaps help ensure that your holder keeps your card inside. Secondly, they include recessed corners to keep your cards safe from dings and rounding. Additionally, many of these holders are UV-resistant, while penny sleeves and toploaders are not. This means you can display your card in direct light without worry of fading. Much like toploaders, these holders come in many sizes. Our cards fit perfectly in the standard “35-Pt” holders. You can expect to pay about a buck for standard-sized holders.


If you take the time to design custom trading cards with us, there are many options for you to keep your cards safe and looking great. As you can see by this list, it’s easy and affordable to protect your cards. Whether you trade your cards with your friends or put them on display, we hope you’ll consider any of these three ways to protect your individual custom trading cards.


Protect Your Custom Trading Cards In a Case Binder!

By: Christopher, Founder & Owner
January 31, 2017


UniKeep, Storage, Protection, Case Binder
UniKeep is in no way affiliated with Varsity Trading Cards.

You decided to order some custom trading cards with us, and now what? You’ve got them all and now you’re thinking, “so, what do I do with these cards now?” It’s a question that I get all of the time. Thankfully, being a seasoned trading card collector, I know a thing or two about how to store and protect trading cards. One of my favorite storage devices for my cards is a case binder.

If you’re anything like me, then you’re at the very least somewhat cautious with your collection of cards. Some of us are downright overprotective of our personal collection. You can certainly stuff your loose cards into a box and rarely ever see them again without having to flip and rifle through card by card, or you can protect them in 9-pocket poly pages placed into 3-ring binders. The latter is my preferred method of storing sets, however there are limitations to even the best of standard 3-ring binders.

One of the limitations of standard binders lies within the standard design of a typical binder. When you think of a binder, you think of something that flips open just like a book. That means that every side of the binder aside from the spine is completely exposed. What should happen if you accidentally store your binder upside down? You may end up with cards falling out of their pages and becoming damaged. What should happen if your binder is accidentally knocked off of its shelf? Pages and cards may go flying in all directions causing irreparable damage to your prized cardboard collection.


Another limitation of standard binders comes with the typical metal hinge rings. Many of them snap together but never really lock in place. Ever notice a little gap between the rings? This can cause pages to become loose and can potentially scratch pages and, worse still, the cards within those pages.

These limitations are addressed by UniKeep with their outstanding case binder. It is completely enclosed and snaps shut to keep what’s inside the binder INSIDE THE BINDER. Furthermore, the case helps protect my valuable cards from dirt and moisture—something a fully exposed standard 3-ring binder has no chance of doing. The rings themselves snap and lock together tightly. That helps to ensure that your pages will stay put while the rings themselves won’t come out of alignment with each other.

The first case binder that I purchased was one of their 0.5″ clear overlay binders. I used it to store my personal collection of autographed Twins rookie and prospect cards. My collection has grown over time and I have since upgraded to the 1″ version of the same case.

Custom Trading Cards Case Binder

As you can see, my collection is well protected and those cards aren’t going anywhere! I could drop that case binder on the ground and throw it around the house and not worry about the condition of the cards contained within. I can stand the binder up on a shelf, or I can make use of its flat surface and stack multiple binders together. There is no other binder I would even think about using to protect my collection.


UniKeep is now offering case binders made specifically for trading card collectors. Their “Sports Card Collection” kit binder includes a large 1.5″ black case binder with outer snap locks and comes preloaded with 10 poly pages which can hold up to 18 standard cards back-to-back per page. The binder is quite roomy and can fit quite a few pages—perfect for those collecting team sets!

Custom Sports Cards Collection Case Binder

Custom Trading Cards Collection Case Binder

As you can see, not only does the binder itself look impressive, the cards also look amazing inside of it! Just imagine having all of your teammates’ cards sitting safely inside one of these trading card case binders. Not only would they be protected better than they would be in any other standard 3-ring binder, they’d also look flat out awesome in it!

If you’re looking for a better way to protect your cards or if you’re just fed up with flimsy standard 3-ring binders, I highly suggest UniKeep and their Sports Card Collection kit binder. They’ve got my stamp of approval and I’m confident they’ll get yours, too!