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By: Christopher, Founder & Owner
September 18, 2017

Make your own basketball cards!


Since we began Varsity Trading Cards, our custom trading card designer was focused solely on teams. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we are proud to announce a new tool — our “Individuals” custom trading card designer. Now, parents can create custom trading cards of their high school student athletes!

While we still offer our original “Team” designer, our “Individuals” custom trading card designer makes it possible to easily create custom trading cards for just one player. We offer the same fun features with our new “Individuals” tool, which includes logos, stats, and more! Furthermore, just like the “Team” designer, you can create individual cards from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.


It’s easy to use our custom trading card designer. The very first thing you’ll need to do is Get Started. From this post, simply choose Get Started from the menu. From there, you will be provided with two options—Team or Individuals. For this tutorial, you will select Individuals.

Custom Trading Card Designer — Get Started
The “Get Started” page as seen on an iPhone.

When you select “Individuals” from the Get Started page, you will be taken to a registration form, just like the one pictured below. All fields on this form are required. PLEASE NOTE: the Player First Name and Player Last Name will be associated with the registered account. That name will appear on the trading cards and shipping labels. If you do not want your cards shipped to the player, you can change your shipping details before you check out.

Individuals Custom Trading Card Designer—Registration Form
The “Individuals” registration form as seen on a desktop browser

After you have registered, you will be asked to log in. After doing so, you will immediately be taken to your dashboard. You will notice a prompt directing you to pick a color to be used on your trading card. Following the prompt, you can immediately pick a color, or you can choose to upload a logo. If you choose to upload a logo instead of using our custom color picker, you will be able to pick your card color directly from your logo. PLEASE NOTE: you must have sufficient rights to use any logos on your custom trading cards.

Custom Trading Card Designer — Logo Upload and Color Picker
Make sure to click the green “Update” button to add your logo and color setting to your card!

Once your logo has been uploaded, click “Team Dashboard” in the menu bar. From there, you may be prompted to choose a stat type to appear on the back of your card. This will happen for sports like Football, Baseball, and Softball. Those sports have different types of stats that can be used. Other sports will only have one stat type and will be automatically set. Once a stat type has been chosen by you or has been automatically set, your Team Dashboard page will inform you that you can now create your card!

Now that you’ve set your card’s stat type, it’s time to fill out those stats. To do this, click “My Stats” in the menu. From there, you will be taken to the Player Stats page. On this page, you can enter personal information (such as height, weight, jersey number, and a short bio), as well as yearly statistics. Some stats calculate and populate for you! TIP: stats are not required—you can complete your custom trading card without them.

Custom Trading Card Designer — Player Stats
Player Stats page with filled stats and bio

Now comes the fun part! After you’ve decided whether to add stats, click on “Card Designer” in the menu. Our custom trading card designer is easy to use, but it is very important to read and understand the instructions on the Card Designer page. Our designer lets you move, resize, and crop your image. Once you’ve set your image into the card designer just the way you like it, you’ll first need to click the checkbox directly above the card designer. This confirms that you have read and understood the instructions.

Next, two buttons will appear. If you want to save your card design, you must click the Save Front Card Design button first. After your card has been saved, you will be prompted to proceed to the back of the card. To do so, simply click the Review Back Of Card button. Here, you will be able to see how the stats you entered look on the back of your card. If you are not satisfied with the back of the card, you can return to your Player Stats page to make changes, and then return without the need to re-save the front of the card.

Once you’re happy with the card back, click the checkbox directly above the card back to confirm you have read and understood the instructions. Doing so will make two new buttons appear. To save, click Save Back Card Design.

Custom Trading Card Designer — Card Front
Custom Trading Card Designer — Card Front

Now that both the front and back of your card have been saved, you will be prompted to return to your dashboard. Once there, you will see your team information, your color and logo, as well as preview images of the front and back of your card. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll see a prompt informing you that your card is now ready for purchase! When ready, click the Checkout button to proceed.

After clicking the Checkout button, you will be taken to your Order Details. Here, you can change the quantity of packs you’d like to order, enter a coupon code, change shipping details, and pay for your order. IMPORTANT: remember, the player name on the card is associated with your account. This is the name that will be used to ship your cards. You may change the shipping name on this page by clicking the Edit Shipping Address button.

Custom Trading Card Designer — Order Details
Custom Trading Card Designer — Order Details

Register > Log In > Logo & Color > Team Dashboard > My Stats > Card Designer > Save Front > Save Back > Checkout. That’s all there is to it!

If you, your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or someone else you know is a high school student athlete, this is a great option for you! They make great gifts for student athletes, family, friends, and fans. Our cards also include an autograph section! If you’re ready to make custom trading cards with us, register now. Then, to create your card, just set your logo and/or color, upload your photo, fill in your stats, then save and order your card. You can do all of this from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, too! It’s that easy! After you’re all done, you’ll have 20 copies of your custom trading card per pack in just 2-3 weeks!

To get you started, be sure to use coupon code Individuals10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount. Coupon code good through September 30, 2017.

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